Armenians all over the world are going to commemorate 1,500,000 innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 1915. This Genocide is the history of how Armenians and their cultural heritage were destroyed, how they were deprived from their motherland and evicted.

The State Commission on Coordination of events for commemoration of 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, unanimously with the regional panels operating among Diaspora, have approved the  slogan  «I Remember and Demand». The latter expresses the consistent will of Armenia and Armenian nation for international recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Galerie Royale, together with the French company Bernardaud, have initiated their own project. Bernardaud will produce limited edition votives containing subjects related to Armenian history and culture. After long lasting discussions the project became a reality. Today you already have an opportunity to put the votive with Armenian subjects in a cozy place or present it to your friends.

Each image on the candleholder has its unique meaning. The Mountain Ararat symbolizes always standing Armenia and uncompromising will of the Armenian nation which could survive from the Genocide. Grigor Narekatsi symbolizes our spiritual values as the first nation in the world which adopted Christianity as a state religion. Tatev Monastery is the symbol of consistent faith in our religion and values. Lake Van and the Church of Surb Khach are the evidence of our lost territories and symbolize the nostalgia and pain rooted in every Armenian. Komitas is the symbol of our unique culture, Mashtots and Armenian manuscripts symbolize the eternity of that culture.

The candleholder outlines the apricot tree which symbolizes the shining sun in the sky above Armenia and its unique nature. Paruyr Sevak`s «Unceasing Bell Tower» poem`s words «It is spring, and it has snowed», which have become a peal, are engraved on the candleholder. They symbolize a hundred years’ ago spring which changed the Armenian sky to red. But at meantime the candleholder totally rings «I Remember and Demand».

This project also contains a unique message. The heartbeat of 1,500,000 Armenians was stopped; many Armenian souls were not able to be born as a result of the Armenian Genocide, the crime against humanity, implemented by Ottoman Empire. Recovery of a hundred years’ ago harm should be one of the aims of the events for commemoration of 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Therefore, part of the revenue from sales of votives will be donated to women waiting for artificial insemination.

One victim – one candleholder – one Armenian heartbeat. «I remember and demand»

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