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Gregory Orekhov

Orekhov Gallery was founded in 2017 by sculptor Gregory Orekhov and is located in the historical center of Moscow, between Trubnaya Street and Kolokolnikov Lane in a unique building of 1914. This century house serves as a contemporary art gallery, which represents international artists that work in a variety of media and guides the perception of the audience in the context of the global processes in the art world. Along with commercial activities, the gallery is involved in a steady development of each artist, does his PR and management and curates exhibitions not only within the gallery's own space, but also in cooperation with leading cultural institutions. The mission of the Orekhov Gallery is to form a community of artists for experimental art-collaborations, to stimulate creative initiatives and maintain productive interactions between various artistic trends. Orekhov gallery is in constant search for innovative form, scope and structure solutions. Thus, the Moscow Art Residence has been established — a field for experimentation, which provides material and technical base for a full cycle of work for sculptors. This type of cooperation was formed in the context of the strong position of Orekhov Gallery — «uncompromising approach to the quality and technical implementation of artworks». The public program of the gallery includes on-going exhibition activity (solo and group exhibitions) and regular participations in the most significant international contemporary art fairs.