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VALUE OF A FAMILY — GENERATIONAL BRIDGE MINIATURE SCULPTURES MANUFACTURER We create personalized sculptures from crystal glass and precious metals.Each piece comes with a warranty certificate the quality and preservation of the original artwork. Company's name is inspired by the name of the Greek goddess Leto, mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis, the embodiment of maternal devotion and love. The mission of LETO is to preserve happy family memories captured in artworks of high personal and artistic value. The making of each personal LETO sculpture is a ceremonial process of artisanal skill and individual importance. We use traditional Italian methods of life casting to produce three-dimensional casts of the subjects that capture even the finest details. Our core principles at LETO are refinement, close attention to details and an individual approach. LETO family memorabilia captures every nuance and preserve them for genera- tions to come. The first stage in the creation of a LETO sculpture is getting a cast of the tiny arms and legs of the baby. The future sculpture will exactly replicate the smallest details — from individual lines on the palms to cute wrinkles on the feet. The peculiarity of our pieces is in their detailing and craftsmanship, in this way, our art is comparable to that of jewelers giving something of lasting quality and value.